To Headbang or Not to Headbang

That is the ITP question.

September marks ITP Awareness Month, and today, September 28, is Sport Purple for Platelets Day.

Jonathan Davis Korn

Think this guy will be sporting purple today?

In my research into the subject of this bizarre roller coaster of a disease, I recently learned that Jonathan Davis from the band Korn had a bout with ITP during his 2006 European Tour, landing in the hospital with a platelet count of 5K. To quote Davis: “If I continued to headbang on stage I could have had a brain hemorrhage and dropped dead on the spot. This has been one of the scariest times in my life.”
I know how he feels. In 2005, I was 4th row center at a Judas Priest concert. Rob Halford had just re-joined the band after being away for over a decade; how could I not be there front and center to cheer, yell and headbang? I remember trying to lift my arms to fist pump, and I couldn’t. I just wanted to curl up on my chair and go to sleep.

I wound up in the hospital the next day with my first platelet crash since my ITP diagnosis the month before. I was at 12K. If the show had been general admission, if I had been, as Anthrax would say, “caught in a mosh”, that could have been the end of me. It was scary indeed.

Our stories are just 2 of the stories out there representing the 200,000 Americans suffering from ITP. Many have chosen to share their stories on the PDSA Personal Stories web page. Yesterday I posted a story about running a 5K mud race with a platelet count of 39K on my new site that some of my followers may not have found yet. It was another exhilarating dip on my roller coaster of ITP and I hope you will take a peek at it, as well as sport PURPLE today! Thanks.

Blogging on the Brink

Short public service announcement for you lovely souls who follow I’ll Blog When I’m Dead – change is in the air!

I’ve got a cool new web site launching, and my blog will have a new home there. You can find me at or, so pop on by and say hello! I’m honored to have you pay the first visit.

Along with a new address, my blog will have a new name: BLOGGING ON THE BRINK.

Because aren’t we all on the brink of something? Some days it might feel like the verge of madness and other days, genius. I enjoy and embrace the delicious possibilities, and the ups and downs of managing a fledgling writing career, running a chaotic, happy household and juggling the rock and roll of my day job.

While all my old blog content will migrate, my followers (you, my friend) will have to re-subscribe through the new site. So please consider this your All Access invitation to re-join the party over at!  (We’ll be speaking English over there real soon.)

I hope you will join me there on my journey to the brink and beyond, and continue to enjoy my posts.