Every time I blog about Rob, I blog about Al…

…and Chuck and Vin and Jim. 5 guys named moe.

These 5 guys are my bosses and some of the nicest and most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I am not just saying that because they pay me. (Actually, I pay me. Cuz I’m in charge of the money!)

There are days (well, nights) when I go to shows and I spend most of my time backstage schmoozing with people or crunching numbers with Skip – tour manager extraordinaire – or chasing my kid and preventing her from eating all the catering that is supposed to be for the band when they come off stage tired, sweaty and in need of food and (if it’s Jim) Yoo-Hoo. I can go a whole night without even stepping out to Front of House or side-stage to watch a song or a set.

Then there are other nights when I stand there in total awe. When each song sounds better than the next, and more amazing than the last time I heard them play it.

And then they do something like this –              moe. plays “Crab Eyes” live on iPads. Video dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs.

They set down their guitars and stepped away from their percussion and drum kits and re-created a fairly flawless facsimile of one of their songs…using iPads. Proving that true musicians can master ANY instrument. And just play the hell out of it.