Ni! And Neee-wom (and other sacred words)

Wow. N had me flummoxed. Not sure why. I reached out to my friends on Facebook for some prompts, and received many varied and certainly very worthy N words. Here are just a few (read: numerous) suggestions:

natural, nagging, nimbus clouds, Noticias! naughty, night time, noogie, Nick Tahou, Nickelback (worst band ever), novels, NY, numbers, nanotechnology, Niagara Falls, napkins, nitrous oxide, nutrition, Narnia, Nostradamus, Nirvana, naivete, New Orleans, Nor’Easter, necessantarism, natural selection, nares aka nostrils, National Geographic, nakedness, nada, nom de plume, narwhal, needlenose, Neanderthal, nap, Noxema, nixies, ne’er do well, need to know, nephritic, narcoleptic, neonatal, nevermore, nevermore, nevermore. narcolepsy, nautical, Nintendo, now & laters, Nerf, noodles, Nutella! Nicko, Nuefchatel cheese, nymphs, night lights, Northern lights, nexus, nimble, nickelodeon, neighbor, Nestle’s, notary, notoriety, neigh, nay, Nye, nigh, nothing!

But all that keeps coming to mind is…the Knights Who Say “Ni”. Which is silly, because Knights starts with K and Ni isn’t even a real word.

Or is it?

Ni! It strikes fear in the hearts of many! And terror and pain! Those who hear it, seldom live to tell the tale. Keep shrubbery handy, as those who are the keepers of the sacred words Ni, Peng and Neee-wom demand it.

Words are wonderful. We use them every day, in every way. We think them, but often we spew them out without a thought. And some people can mold words (and nonsensical non-words) in such a way to make us laugh our heads off. I dare you to try and say “Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggggg Ni” with a straight face.

Needless to say, N still has me somewhat flummoxed.


3 thoughts on “Ni! And Neee-wom (and other sacred words)

  1. This blog needs a shrubbery.

  2. jesstopper says:

    LOL I will make sure it’s one that looks nice. And not too expensive.

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