I’ll Blog When I’m Dead

Are you shocked that I’ve jumped on the bandwagon (blogwagon?) and started this here page?

Me too. Seriously. I barely have time to sleep, let alone BLOG. Plus, who wants to hear my muttered musings? My cat and my kid have both learned to tune me out and I’m their meal ticket. Why would you stick around if I’m not even feeding you?

My pearls of wisdom are costume jewelry at best and I’m like a little kid playing dress-up. I write FICTION, not State of the Union.

And I’d always told myself I would wait until I actually published something to start tooting my tweeter and blowing my bloghorn about being a “writer”.

Then I figured – if the snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo last year can have a Twitter account and amass 200,000-plus followers, I can be a novelist who blogs. That snake doesn’t even have arms to type, man. I’ve got 10 fingers, 20 minutes before the school bus arrives, and a few brain cells to spare. Watch this space!


4 thoughts on “I’ll Blog When I’m Dead

  1. Alison Stone says:

    Love it, Jessica! It’s fun to “hear” someone’s voice in their blog. Immediately makes me think I’d like to read a book in that voice. Make sense? Anyway,I enjoyed the typewriter blog, too. (2 in one day ~ you’re on a roll!) We had an electric typewriter when I was a kid. It had an automatic whiteout feature. State. Of. The. Art. I’m telling ya!

  2. Kristine_ES says:

    It’s a pleasure and a priveledge to read your blog. Long live “type”… and your words, no matter what way they reach us!

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